Emanuel Lepage

Emmanuel Lepage (born in Saint Brieuc on 29 September 1966) is a comic book artist.
At the age of 13, he would have a decisive meeting with the illustrator Jean-Claude Fournier.

He published his first drawings in many regional newspapers at the age of 16.
He is the author of around twenty books to date (illustrations, comic books, travel books, etc.)

His books are published in several European countries as well as the United States, Nicaragua, Japan, South Korea and continental China.
Emmanuel Lepage has received many awards in France and abroad. His work has been the subject of several international exhibitions worldwide.

Selected bibliography:

  • "Névé" (five titles published) with Dieter - Editions Glénat. 1991-1997.
  • "La terre sans mal" with Anne Sibran - Editions Dupuis. 2000.
  • "Fragments d’un voyage - Brésil" with Nicolas Michel - Editions Casterman. 2003.
  • "Muchacho" - Editions Dupuis. 2004-2006.
  • "Oh, les filles!" with Sophie Michel - Editions Futuropolis. 2008-2009.
  • "Voyage aux iles de la désolation" - Editions Futuropolis. 2011.
  • "Un printemps à Tchernobyl" - Editions Futuropolis. 2012.
  • "La lune est blanche" with François Lepage - Editions Futuropolis. 2014.
  • "Les Voyages d'Ulysse", scenario by Sophie Michel, drawings by Emmanuel Lepage and René Follet - Editions Daniel Maghen. 2016.


  • 1999 Prix des libraires Canal BD for ''La Terre sans mal"
  • 2000 Nomination for the Alph Art for the Best Album - Angoulême
  • 2004 Prix Cheverny for the historic comic book for "Muchacho". Rendez vous de l'Histoire Festival - Blois
  • 2004 Award for best adaptation of a comic book for Cinema. Monaco Film Festival
  • 2008 Award for best foreign album. Amadora Festival - Portugal
  • 2013 Award for excellence for "Muchacho" at the Japan Media Arts - Tokyo
  • Award for the best foreign album for "Un printemps à Tchernobyl". Bucheon Festival - South Korea
  • 2013 Prix Diagonales/Le Soir for "Un printemps à Tchernobyl" - Belgium
  • 2014 Prix France Info for comic book reportage for "La lune est blanche".
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