Marc Wasterlain

Marc Wasterlain vu par Michel CarpentierBelgian illustrator and writer since: 1971

Studies/training: Mons Academy - CAD in Brussels

Early days: At Dino Attanasio, then at the Peyo studio

Universe: Poetic and imaginary

Passions: The blues


  • 1977: Prix Saint-Michel for the comedy comic book for Docteur Poche
  • 1979: Prix Saint-Michel for the best comedy scene for Docteur Poche
  • 1979: Prix de la Roque d'Anthéron for Docteur Poche
  • 1980: Award for the best up-and-coming comic book at the Angoulême Festival for Docteur Poche
  • 1984: Grand Prix Saint-Michel for Jeannette Pointu
  • 1985: Prix WRTL for Jeannette Pointu

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