The works are printed using the latest technologies with particular care and infinite precision when reproducing them on the different supports described below.

The picture becomes a fully-fledged piece of art.

Diasec/Diasec (gloss) - Fine Art Printing

ChromaLuxe© gloss


- Diasec® : Diasec® is a patented procedure for permanent bonding under Plexiglas

Benefits :

  • The Diasec© bonding system is completely free from dust, air bubbles and any traces of glue.
  • The Plexiglas offers 99.7% protection against UV rays, while the papers used guarantee colour stability for over 100 years.
  • The colour contrast is accentuated; giving a wonderful depth to the work.
  • Available in gloss or matt.

- Fine Art Printing : 

This is very high-quality printing, combining pigment inks and an acid-free and chlorine-free art paper with a neutral pH. This is obtained from natural fibres, generally cotton, and pure water.

NB: we use 100% cotton paper.

Benefits :

  • Stands out in terms of quality compared with other print runs.
  • Gives the printing breathtaking details.
  • Guarantees colour accuracy.
  • Ensures the longevity of the colour.

- Pigment inks : These contain pigments, organic molecules encapsulated in a synthetic resin and placed in suspension in a liquid. The molecules of these pigments are much bigger than those in colourants and therefore they are much more resistant to light, humidity and gases (including ozone).


Dibond is a flat surface manufactured from a polyethylene sheet (plastic material) sandwiched between two very thin sheets of aluminium. 

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