The 9th Art showcased in your interior

New in the world of decoration and design! 

BédéArt is a pioneer in producing large format art from original drawings by artists of the 9th Art.

We offer a wide range of exclusive pictures to create an artistic and timeless interior design.

True works of art...

BédéArt plans to offer large format artistic pictures from original drawings by famous artists related to the 9th Art.

The print runs are limited, accompanied by an authenticity certificate hand-signed by the artist. 

"Exclusive pictures created in close partnership with the artists"

The artists will surprise you by creating works often far removed from their personalities.
Each work has a story; discover the origin of many works and the world of these artists.

These are no longer comics, but design, an artistic and timeless decoration. Consequently, there is no suggestion of small frames, but large-scale pictures that fill the space and give a real atmosphere to the place they occupy.

"Haute couture" artistic pictures

We are uncompromising when it comes to the quality of our productions and offer the best.

This is in no way a silver print (photo)! 

We print on 100% art paper, 305/310 gsm with pigment ink (solvent free)

This combination helps to retain the properties of the drawing, providing an unrivalled luminosity of colours and also preserving the stability of the colours.

Contemporary finish: different formats and finishes are available.

Certain originals sometimes achieve high prices that most people cannot afford.

By choosing BédéArt, you can have an affordable, near-unique work, that will make an impression through its format, its quality and its contemporary finish.

9th Art Collectors:

Your original is in a small format... and perhaps stored safely in a file, away from the light?

Enjoy it in a different format: we can create a unique copy - without loss of quality - in the desired format and finish.

Personalisation of a drawing:

You, your husband, wife, partner, friends, boss, work colleagues... can be "sketched" by one of our artists and incorporated into a scene such as the Grand Place in Brussels.

Creating a unique and totally original gift! 

For information : 

In summary, with BédéArt:

  • You are guaranteed to get a very high-quality artistic picture,
  • Large formats are proposed that give impact and atmosphere to your interior,
  • You can choose a work with a limited print run,
  • An authenticity certificate hand-signed by the artist accompanies each work,
  • Each picture is unique, you chose the format and finish.
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